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Turbo HD Cameras with ColorVu

With the new ColorVu Technology, Turbo HD cameras with ColorVu render clear images at 0.0005 lux, providing critical surveillance in ultra low-light scenarios. With this technology, cameras can now provide round-the-clock vivid color imaging.


Hikvision’s Turbo HD DVRs are divided into 5 major series offering various features and capabilities. Whether you’re upgrading a legacy analog security system or installing a brand new one, you’ll find a perfect match.

Value Series

Value Series Cameras offer a cost-effective, high quality video surveillance solution. Users will enjoy high definition video, plug-and-play through coaxial cable, high quality components, and great durability.

PRO Series

Pro Series Cameras provide high quality imaging via several technologies including ultra-high definition technology, ultra low-light technology, and 130dB True WDR.

PTZ Camera

If you are looking for a comprehensive view of a large open area while having the ability to focus and zoom in for details at the same time, then Turbo HD PTZ Cameras are the perfect candidate.

As the technology and prices of surveillance cameras are changing rapidly, contact us at 077 552 7099 or 021 221 7994 to find out the details you need. It is our pleasure to help you!
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