Taxi Meters


A taximeter is a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxicabs and auto rickshaws that calculates passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled and waiting time. Its shortened form, "taxi", is also a metonym for the hired cars that use them. SUNSAKTHY is sole Agent of Link Lanka (Pvt) Ltd for Jaffna Peninsula.

  1. No1 TAXI Meter is Sri Lanka
  2. Made in Sri Lanka
  3. Easy payment schemes to pay back for the meter
  4. Many Type of Meters available to cover all requirement of Taxi Meter
  5. Sri Lanka Measurement department approved Meter
  6. Link Lanka System connected to the Meter provide company to notify the relevant authorities ,of any rate change/calibration change or any other parameter change done to each taxi meter
  7. Hi speed indicating alarm
  8. The meter show Total Amount/total KMs /total waiting time( preference will be given to meters with extra display slots)
  9. In the Meter fare display slot 6 digits
  10. 30 day running Protocol available in the meter
  11. The parameters of the meter could only be changed by an authorized person.
  12. The best TAXI METER dealer network in Sri Lanka and provide a good sale and aftersales service
  13. Easy payment schemes to pay back for the meter
  14. Got President Award

Additionally SUNSAKTHY METER Service

  • Grouping all Taxi Drivers in a SUNSAKTHY TAXI Club
  • In Internet Display Taxi Meter Details with there Stand and Personal Detail and telephonNo
  • Call Taxi center

Link Lanka ready to meet demand for taxi meters

With the government mulling over the possibility of making digital taxi meters, for three wheelers, compulsory in the near future, Sri Lanka’s leading digital taxi meter producer, Link Lanka Company yesterday said that such a move would attract more customers, hence help the industry. Thushara Kariyakarawana, partner, Link Lanka Technologies Pvt. Limited, said that three wheeler operators as well as those running Nano cab companies had realized that installation of digital taxi meters would be advantageous to them, though it wasn’t compulsory. Kariyakarawana said that his company was ready to meet the growing demand for the equipment produced at the Biyagama Export Processing Zone (EPZ) with the collaboration of Tos Lanka Co. (Pvt.) Ltd., a Japanese owned BOI enterprise, which has emerged as a global centre of relevance for supply of state of the art surface mounted printed circuit boards for various end users in electronics manufacturing. "Our product is in line with ISO 9001-2008 standards. We also have the major share in the market and are confident of maintaining it. Although there are some local products as well as some imported equipment ours remains the market leader," Kariyakarawana said. Asked whether Link Lanka had a dependable service network countrywide, he said that they were in the process of expanding operations. "We are already in Jaffna and Ampara and there is scope for gradual expansion," he said, underscoring the fact that the majority of those hiring a three wheeler tend to inquire where it was equipped with taxi meter. Responding to a query, Kariyakarawana said that about 90 persons were engaged in the manufacturing process.